Dr. Kathy Taylor

Dr. Taylor graduated from Eastern Kentucky and Auburn Universities. She is a Science Fiction nerd, loves roller coasters, reading, crossword puzzles and anything that has a boat and a lake. Dr. Taylor has been practicing at ESAC for 18 years! She owned a 550 acre dairy farm for 28 years, raised cattle and llamas; loved showing and training llamas. She learned to ride a horse (modest skill!) after age 40. Her current pets are an adopted Papillon and a Bichon, both with special medical needs. Her special vet interest is internal medicine. Her dream place to live is on a houseboat where the weather is warm year round!

Dr. Olivia Tyler

Dr. Tyler is our newest Associate Veterinarian at ESAC. She was born and raised in Louisville, KY, traveling all over the region as a competitive figure skater throughout high school. She obtained her Bachelor of Science and Arts Degree in Biology from Hanover College with a minor in history, and graduated from Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2018. Her special veterinary interests include dermatology, soft-tissue surgery, small-mammal exotics (pocket pets), shelter medicine, and feline medicine. Outside the clinic, Dr. Tyler enjoys reading, watching HGTV, and spending time with her rescue dogs: Jake (a chow-husky mix), and Poppy (a Pomeranian mix), and her cat Monkey (who definitely lives up to her name).

Heather – Certified Technician

​Heather has been with East Shelbyville Animal Clinic since September 1998. Originally from Lexington, Ky she first attended the University of Kentucky as a Pre-Veterinary student and during her time there working in the agriculture library came across the licensed Veterinary Technician career. Once that career was found there was no turning back. She left UK and entered the Vet. Tech. program at Morehead State University. Upon graduation, with an Associate of Applied Sciences degree in hand, the veterinary technician board exams were taken and passed. She is a licensed Veterinary Technician with the state of Kentucky.

Martha – Office Manager

​Martha is our Office Manager extraordinaire. She has been with us since April, 2012. She started out in our office as a part time receptionist which went into full time receptionist and is now the Office Manager. Martha retired from State Government with Disability Determinations in 2006. After retiring, she went back to work part time at a Pediatric office for 4 years which turned into full time and also was a dental technician in an Orthodontist office. Martha and her husband Craig live in Frankfort and raise German Shorthair Pointers for hunting and field trials, as well as bobwhite quail, pheasants, dwarf turkeys and a few chickens along with a stray cat named Smoke, whom has “adopted” them and moved into the garage alongside some of the birds! They also took in four Manx kittens, which had to be bottle-fed and have been named Peaches, Big Mac, Jasper and Precious. Each pet is dearly loved and spoiled as much as possible!

Serena – Certified Technician

​Serena has been a licensed veterinary technician at East Shelbyville Animal Clinic since 2004. Prior to that she worked with a board-certified internal medicine specialist and surgeon. She attended Morehead State University and graduated with an associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology. Through these years what she enjoys the most out of this career is working with the clients and pets to make their lives better. She lives in Shelbyville with her husband and 2 children as well as 3 horses, 2 dogs and chickens. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, sports, and outdoor activities.

Terri – Kennel Manager

Terri is our kennel manager. She is a huge animal lover! “Our pets are our family” to Terri. She was born and raised on a dairy farm in southern Indiana and had many pets growing up. Cats, dogs, rabbits, goats, sheep, horses, calves, cows and pigs just to name a few! Terri takes in rescued cats and dogs and gives them a home with lots of love. She now has one rescued cat!

Sherri – Technician

​Sherri is a veterinary technician with 30 years of experience. She has worked in multiple doctor & specialty/emergency hospitals, supervised & trained many technicians. She has done specialty training in surgery, trauma & critical care, reproduction & genetics, ultrasound & radiology, internal medicine, & physical therapy.

Sherri showed, bred and raised multiple champion Akita and Norfolk terriers. She volunteered as a 4-H Equine Drill Team coach for Bullitt Co. 4-H for several years.

She has 3 daughters and 5 grandchildren.

Sherri’s favorite patient of all time was an Alaskan Malamute named Nikko that was very aggressive and was diagnosed with cancer. He needed IV treatment & bloodwork often. Somehow, they both found that bond and trust. Nikko eventually allowed her to handle & treat him with no assistance from others. Sherri couldn’t wait for him to come in talking to her at each visit. He gained 18 more months of life and a best friend.